A good closet according to Armelle

A good closet according to Armelle

This week Armelle T.C, the founder of Roserose., is talking to us freely and without any masks about her conception of the feminine closet and the habits of consuming.

“A good closet is a well-tidy closet” says Armelle. The key is to tidy your closet in a way that everything goes to its own place so that you can easily find the clothes you want to wear for the day.  Armelle qualifies her closet as “Parisian” : half of her belongings are black, 30% are colorful clothes and the 20% left are very chic pieces to attend receptions and events. According to her black is one of the colors you can put every season no matter how is the weather. More personally, the color black helps her to be concentrate and it is the color in which she feels powerful at work.

Armelle’s favorite coat, a vintage Dior

In addition, as the way you dress reflects your mood she is convinced that there are colors that suit you and others that don’t. Every color matches with an emotion, a feeling or even a memory, then every single day of your life is embodied by a color. Colors function in the same way as gemstones that have significations, correspond to an atmosphere.

According to Armelle there are three pieces that are unmissable for a women in her closet. The first one is a black suit jacket because you wear it with a pair of jeans, an evening dress. Indeed, you can play with it, it is infinite accessory. Her favorite black suit jacket is designed by the talented Stéfanie Renoma. The second one is a jumpsuit because it is so convenient and so chic in the same time; Armelle takes some everywhere she goes either it is for business or vacations. Finally the third piece is a long dress. Long dresses are for Armelle the incarnation of elegance. Plus it benefits your silhouette because it elongates it. The long dress gives her that feeling of always being well dressed, always having an outfit that is appropriate in all situations.

Armelle advices to keep the accessories more than clothes. An outfit is totally different without its accessories, they give all the specialty to the outfit. To Armelle, accessories are her good luck charms, she is deeply attached to them. Today, there is a trend to consume too much among our society and especially clothes with the ultra-fast fashion but Armelle gives us a trick to help us reduce our consumption she learnt form Marie Kondo, the DanShari act.

Danshari method

This method forces the person to tidy her closet so that we can easily take off the pieces that aren’t worn. In fact, it equires you to only keep the objects that really please you, it is a good way to see your belonging. When you don’t wear a cloth, you shouldn’t keep it because it takes up space, you see less clearly in your closet and doesn’t reflect a positive image. I you have a full dressing room but you don’t wear anything, it means that you don’t take any pleasure in being dressed. Then, do not hesitate to tidy your closet !

Armelle’s last advice is as follow : “don’t be afraid to wear clothes, life is short, don’t categorize your clothes (“I save it for a special event”) because the main purpose of fashion is to feel beautiful.” Indeed, elegance has nothing to do with brands, she should stop following a trend and focus more on finding oneself and finding one’s style, that is what is important.

Finally, it is better to buy less but buy high-quality products than to buy much and cheaper. We need to have a more ethical consumption because a joyful closet is a closet where you can put each of the pieces. This, Armelle found it with the age, she truly found her own style identity.