Luxury is not about money, it's about rarity

roserose Paris has been created by Armelle TC, ex Art Dealer and having as first deep love Contemporary Art.

For her living with Art and bags is not a lifestyle it’s more than that ! It is indispensable.

Creating roserose Paris was like putting back art in her life but also in the life of her customers. roserose ‘s bags are like philosophers, each bag speaks of our concerns, our hopes, our dreams and they shed light on the society we live in.

A bag is a mirror, the one you choose shows your unconscious mind, so in a way, it helps you to understand yourself and live better on daily basis and depending on your agenda.

Your bag should be coordinated with your feelings. To bring energy and peace… And roserose collection is really a way to increase that feeling. 

The different designs and colors are like musical notes. They are very eccentric and eclectic. We mix many styles; the important thing is balance. There are no rules. The only law is to respect every people choice, the way how each person will wear his bag because for us variety is the spice of life. Unique piece or classic as long as it reflects you… There is no bad taste !

Each roserose piece is unique honoring a small signature tong piercing.

Each bag fits a different kind of woman or man. A self-confident woman carries a Capri, a romantic and joyful woman an Venice… Therefore, you can create your own handbag by choosing colors, materials and designs that fit your own unique personality with a custom made handbag.

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