Luxury is not about money, it's about rarity

Armelle Cohen

A French designer who is based in Bangkok brought forth the concept of Roserose, being heavily inspired by the Seventies, Fashion and Art.

In 2013, Armelle T.C. and her husband opened an art gallery in Bangkok. Thanks to her endless art-fed inspiration, two years later she created Roserose. Every piece is designed as if it were a work of art.

Armelle is very attached to the spirit of the 70’s era and the Parisian way of life; she combines both concepts in her sophisticated bohemian chic creations. She often wanders Bangkok’s vintage markets to feed her inspiration and her Parisian sense of chic that will always remain within her.

Armelle deeply believes that “luxury is not a question of money, but a question of rarity”. That is why her collections are handmade and also why each Roserose piece is unique honoring a small signature tong piercing.

Each bag fits a different kind of woman or man. A self-confident woman carries a Chelsea, a romantic and joyful woman an Ipanema… Therefore, you can create your own handbag by choosing colors, materials and designs that fit your own unique personality with a custom made handbag.