Bag’s personalization

In a world of cultural standardization, due to globalization, with a uniformity of lifestyle and behaviors, individual differentiation is becoming increasingly difficult.

Roserose. is convinced that every human being is unique and should assert its own personality especially through its accessories and in fashion in general.

And since we truly believe that luxury isn’t a question of price but of scarcity and quality of the products, we propose the opportunity to make unique pieces of exception, reflection of your personality, designed and adapted for and by you.

We therefore propose a multi-stage personalization process in order to achieve to the unique bag of your dreams.

The first step consists for you to choose the model that suits you the most. To make it easier for you, we invite you to discover the stories of each of our model here.


The second step consists in choosing the colors you want, as well as the different textures and materials according to your urges. We also propose the possibility to find fabric and skins for you upon request.

The third step is the more creative, we offer you the possibility to add stones, feathers, initials, words… on your bags.  Give free rein to your imagination, and we’ll do our best to response to your request, no matter how crazy it is.



The last step consists for you to send us an email to describing your dream bag to turn dreams into reality.