We collaborate with unique and influent personalities to create eccentric piece of fashion

With her rebellious and sexy look, her colorful tattoos and her jewellery, Mademoiselle Vegas has established herself over the years as the icon of Parisian nights and offbeat parties.

DJ Vegas leaves its underground trace each time she passes by, loves the warmth of clubs, bars and the excitement of festivals, and for this collaboration, the objective is to highlight the rock, eccentric and above all very chic side of Mademoiselle Vegas. To do this, we specially designed a bag ideal for the daily life of this renowned DJ. This one is made of soft material with a half-moon shape and a handle wide enough to have a comfortable fit on the shoulder. Its capacity allows you to easily transport a Macbook pro laptop computer. In other words, this model is both practical and chic, ideal for moving around and carrying what we need every day while remaining trendy and sophisticated.

At Roserose, we pay attention to detail. That is why we select quality skins and do everything possible to ensure that our bags best reflect the personality of our customers. Mademoiselle Vegas being a rock woman, chic and dynamic, her bag is made entirely of black python. The lining of the bag is made of panther print, the other one from Mademoiselle Vegas. The bag is decorated with skulls on each end at the level of the handle seam. The head of the dead symbolizes the vanity that is his totem of life. And it truly symbolizes Miss Vegas’ hip, atypical/excentric rock spirit.


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