Interested in the powers of the crystals that make us feel good? This item may delight you.

To recharge your energies in this complex period we present you the good waves of a stone that we appreciate a lot, which presents many crystalline varieties and that you can find in many of our jewels: the QUARTZ.

In lithotherapy, quartz, also called rock crystal, is first and foremost the healing stone par excellence. This stone has a capacity to enter in osmosis with the body. For its purity and its ability to eliminate negativity, it lightens, illuminates and energizes our lives. Quartz captures energy and its luminous energy helps to free ourselves from stress. Also quartz is ideal to amplify the effects of other crystals whatever the objective or the affection that you aim at.

One of the varieties of quartz is rose quartz: the stone of love and healing. According to Greek mythology, the pink quartz stone is the origin of Aphrodite. In love, it softens heavy hearts, heals heartaches, opens hearts to forgiveness, compassion, and true love whether it is for the couple, the family, self-love or universal love. It is also an excellent stone for children because it brings them love and a sense of security; in a bedroom it will bring a reassuring energy to sleep.

Amethyst, this purple or lavender-colored stone, is also a variety of quartz. It helps you undo toxic bonds and cleanses the body, mind and aura of negative or addictive patterns. The amethyst activates the seventh chakra to make a new start. It is also believed to have protective properties. If you are very stressed, have migraines, or have chronic insomnia, this stone is ideal to soothe you.

Real sunshine that diffuses a warm light, citrine is another variety of quartz. Ideal to reinforce your motivations, inspirations and ambitions, this yellow crystal is associated with prosperity, luck and generosity. It will stimulate your creation.

According to your desire or your need of the moment or according to your intuition, you choose your stone and adopt it as a protective gri-gri.


PS: It is also possible to drink your quartz jewel. Exchange your favorite tea with your jewel in a glass of water to detoxify yourself (we do not take responsibility for the taste…).