Lithotherapy, what is it all about?

La Lithothérapie, de quoi s’agit-il ?

It is not easy to retrace the history of Lithotherapy because it has somehow always existed. Crystals and stones have accompanied mankind since the beginning of history. Nevertheless, the discovery of the benefits of stones and their use developed first in India and China and then in Japan before reaching the rest of the world. The term "Lithotherapy" appeared only in the second half of the 20th century, in the book of Philippe Sorr, Revue d'Histoire de la Pharmacie

Before you know the meaning of this term, you need to know that non-physical energies make us up. These invisible energies circulate in and around our bodies. And they are the ones that allow us to achieve and maintain balance.  

Lithotherapy is an ancestral care technique belonging to natural medicine (or alternative medicine). The word Lithotherapy comes from the Greek "lithos" which means "stone" and "therapeia" which means "cure". It is therefore indeed a method that heals with stones. More precisely, it consists in using minerals to improve the overall well-being and to achieve a balance. 

The stones used are usually semi-precious stones, also called fine stones, left in their rough or polished state. Lithotherapy is based on holism, the belief that man is an indivisible whole. Thus, we cannot treat mental, physical or physiological ailments separately. It is all a question of balance between our different components. 

This ancestral method relies on the vibrations emitted by the stones. Each stone has its own vibration according to its color and its composition of trace elements and crystal system. The vibratory force of the fine stones acts on the balance of our energies (chakras). It is an excellent complement to meditation. Your well-being will greatly depend on your belief in the benefits of semi-precious stones. 

The choice of the stone can be made according to our feelings and our ills. Some stones are known to bring energy, promote sensuality or calm stress. 

It is also possible to choose a stone according to its color. In addition, some colors are associated with a virtue (blue promotes communication). 

But it is quite possible to choose a stone associated with a chakra. Indeed, each chakra governs an area of our body (from the perineum to the top of our skull) and is associated with a color. Thus, for example, the semi-precious stone Amethyst, of purple color, is associated with the crown chakra, located above our skull. It allows spiritual elevation and promotes mental calm while reducing headaches. 

Semi-precious stones are not magic. They accompany you in your spiritual journey. This is why Lithotherapy will help you to reach a balance and increase your well-being. But it does not replace a consultation with your doctor or a drug treatment recommended by a professional. It is an additional help. Many people are already adept at this form of alternative medicine, so why not you?