Roserose, between Paris and Bangkok: Armelle Cohen's dream

Roserose, entre Paris et Bangkok : le pari d’Armelle Cohen

In 2013, Armelle and Joël Cohen decided to leave France to settle in Bangkok. Gallery owners, this couple decides to open an art gallery in the Thai capital to discover new talents. Armelle and Joël both come from the art world. Armelle particularly likes to stroll through the city's vintage markets in search of inspiration. Very soon, the artistic atmosphere and the effervescence of this city feed the inspiration of the creator. Bangkok abounds in semi-precious stones from here and elsewhere. 

Armelle Cohen first creates handbags in exotic skin. Very quickly, her relatives are seduced by her creations. The orders multiply. And it is no longer only her relatives who place orders but also friends of friends from Asia or the United States... So, in 2015, Armelle jumps the step: it is the birth of Roserose Paris. Armelle and Joël set up their showroom above their art gallery.  The designer mixes retro influences with a Parisian style, plays with colors, with materials of character, and gives a bohemian chic spirit to each of her creations. Then, Armelle starts making jewelry adorned with semi-precious stones. Her objective is clear and precise: to do good and give confidence thanks to a jewel. The stones are meticulously chosen for their benefits and the combinations of stones precisely elaborated for their energetic power. 

Armelle travels between Bangkok and Paris. Her round trips in France allow her to meet her clients and visit her points of sale. 

In 2019, Armelle takes a new gamble. Sensitive to climate change and the evolution of its customers' demand, Armelle Cohen decides, with her son Dimitri, to launch her brand of vegan handbags and accessories: Tanha. The logo of the House of Tanha remains the same as that of Roserose Paris. But this time the leathers and fabrics used to make the handbags are 100% vegan. The models bear the same names. 

The year 2020 will forever change our societies and our way of life. Faced with these changes, Armelle Cohen decides to rework her website and modify its mode of operation. This website is now exclusively dedicated to jewelry. The Instagram account is exclusively dedicated to jewelry. 

Roserose Paris is more than a bet, it is an adventure, a reconquest of well-being and the expression of know-how.