Fashion photography is an art form in itself

Fashion photography is an art form in itself


“Fashion must be the most intoxicating release from the banality of the world.” – Diana Vreeland

With the iconic Diana Vreeland, fashion photography became an art form in itself. Certainly, in our website you will mainly find apparel product photography since our goal is to focus on the product at its absolute best in an easily browsed manner. However, fashion photography is also interesting since it can focus more on models and locations in order to create something unique that will arrest the eye of the viewer. Fashion photography can create an identity that becomes attached to our product and, subsequently, our brand.

Thus, for every photoshoot we try to create a special atmosphere, to create a real story. In order to ensure that, we draw our inspiration from convicted photographers or even producers that we especially admire – ranging from the well-known Mario Testino to the impressive Peter Lindbergh – with the aim to pay tribute to them in our humble level.


Erwin Olaf 


Copyright at Erwin Olaf

This photoshoot was inspired by the celebrated series Fashion Victims of Erwin Olaf. The photographer presents a celebration of sexual and racial diversity, and often protests against discrimination, racism and exclusion. Olaf has always felt the urge to create his own fantasy world with provocative, daring and shocking photographs. More exactly, Fashion Victims is a critic of the fashion system where everybody think that wearing a logo bag instantly polish a look and is sufficient.

In this photoshoot we started from this critic to offer, ironically, photographs were the model tends to step aside to let the bag highlight, as if the bag was sufficient to polish a look. In fact, the model tends to blend in with the decor and the bag easily bring out.

Copyright at Sophie Badens

David Cronenberg 

Copyright at David Cronenberg

This photoshoot was inspired by the film Crash of David Cronenberg. In fact, the movie tends to create an often tense, thrilling and even provocative atmosphere, what generated considerable controversy and opened to mixed divergent reactions from critics. While some praised the film for its daring premise and originality, others criticized its combination of graphic sexuality and violence. The film still received the Special Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival “for originality, for daring and for audacity” according to Francis Ford Coppola.

In this photoshoot we tried to recreate this thrilling atmosphere and to focus on the contrast between human skin and metal parts of cars, between simplicity of bags and overabundance of mechanical devices.

Copyright at David Gentil


Peter Lindbergh 

Copyright at Peter Lindbergh

This photoshoot was inspired by Peter Lindbergh’s photographs. Considered a pioneer in photography, he introduced a form of new realism by redefining the standards of beauty with timeless images. His humanist approach and idealisation of women sets him apart from the other photographers as he privileges the soul and the personality. His singular vision, presents them in their pure state, “in all honesty”, avoiding all stereotypes as he privileges a face with hardly any make-up, in a baring that enhances the authenticity and the natural beauty of his women.

In fact, we tried to create intimate photographs by focusing more on the interiority of the model with indolent poses than on the neutral decor which is carefully thought throught.

Copyright at Kane Nugen

Steven Meisel 

Copyright at Steven Meisel

This photoshoot was inspired by Steven Meisel’s photographs. Along with his ability to cast the faces and characters that come to represent the look of today, Steven Meisel has a prodigious talent for scripting story lines that reflect culture. Meisel not only depicts fashion, he defines it and gives it cultural resonance. Steven Meisel continues to lead and influence our understanding of contemporary fashion.

As Donatella Versace says, “With each image, he creates a complete world, one that is at the same time total fantasy and also absolutely true.”

However, we tried to create photographs that mix total fantasy with absolutely true, sophisticated party dresses with the everyday life of Bangkok, class with accessibility, overabundance with simplicity …

Copyright at Gilles Jack

Mario Testino 

Copyright at Mario Testino

This photoshoot was inspired by Mario Testing photographs that tend to transgress genders, mix masculinity and femininity and suggest sensuality rather than sexuality.

Suzy Menkes, Vogue’s International Editor explains in an article – Mario Testino at 30 Years – published in The New York Times, “Testino’s skill is first and foremost to catch the moment and to bring out the humanity in his subjects.”

Testino’s subjects appear confidently alive; he captures their energy by creating an openness and intimacy with them.

In this photoshoot we tried to capture the most private of moments in order to offer spontaneous and ingenuousness photographs.

Copyright at Kane Nugen