Inside roserose., the conception of our new model, The Louvre.

Inside roserose., the conception of our new model, The Louvre.

Everything starts with an idea. The idea of creating a small coin purse that has never been seen before. To do so, we wanted to have a coin purse that totally reflected roserose’s codes: combination of materials and colors with a very geometrical design.


We began our journey of conception with the idea of an origami coin purse. The origami spirit of the design corresponded perfectly to the universe we wanted to create around our product. We liked the original idea of the origami because all of our bags are geometrical and it goes in the way of our collections.

After hours of imagination to create the new product, we finally find the perfect shape, the one that matches our codes and the Japanese spirit we wanted. The origami idea took a triangular shape that comes from the MoMA and MET sea-snake one. We decided to create a new coin purse that follows this particular shape in which a credit card can fit. 

And then to add a little twist on the bag we decided to add a layer made of a different material on the coin purse. As most of  our products are made of python skin, we thought about giving the layer the shape of a python’s head.

But still, something was missing to have the perfect product, the perfect coin purse that would differentiate our product from the others. So we had the innovative idea to put two loops on the back of the coin purse in order to wear it with a belt on the hips.

Once we had found the perfect design for our new coin purse, we just had to select the materials ! For our first models we decided to use hessian because it clearly symbolizes the summer energy we wanted. Thanks to the color palette of hessian, we combined it with original sea-snake and some printed foal leather for the serpent’s head part.



All of our Louvre are colorful and they are the perfect partner you need for your summer if you want to have your hands free without caring a bag.

Check our Louvre here and find the one that suits you the best.