Bag conception : the secrets of the Capri

Bag conception : the secrets of the Capri

An idea, an inspiration, some choices and skills linked to a savoir-faire: discover the key steps of a Roserose. bag production.

1st step

The first step is essential: the draft and the model creation.

At Roserose., we have made the decision to do only a few models declined with different materials and colours in the new collections, capsules or unique pieces.

However, the model creation is not that simple. At the beginning, an idea born, it is thought, modified, written down then produced as a prototype. Then, the prototype is modified or totally redesigned, proportions and details changed as many times as necessary until the final model. None of the bags on our website was like this at the beginning.

Initially, our Capri model was declined in only one size: this model was reduced of 20% to reach our current Small size and increased of 20% to reach our current Large size.

This bag was designed with elegance in mind: wear, it obliges to a natural elegance.

2nd step

Once the model is chosen, comes the choice of the materials and fabrics. They are carefully selected and come for the entire world. Every piece of skin and fabric is chosen with a major attention. The quality of the skin, its irregularities and defects are observed.

Once the skin is chosen, the part of it is selected, depending on the result desired. The neck, back, tail…every part of skin has a specific particularity.

3rd step 

Materials, skins and fabrics are cut by the craftsman according to the corrected pattern. We can slot the pieces that need it throughout the slitting step that means we reduce its thickness over the whole skin surface.

Then comes the trimming: the skins are thinned and scraped at the edges to allow the seams and the assembly of the bag. Essentials steps that ensure that the bag will be of high quality and last in time. The reinforcement of the Capri’s belt is made in this manufacturing stage.

The pieces are adjusted, assembled, sewn and the last finishing touches are made in order to have our bag available for sale. Just for the fabrication, it takes 26 hours to carry out a Capri.

Because of the thoroughness, our bags have an almost unlimited lifetime if they are handle with care. We therefore invite you to take a look to our maintenance advice.

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