Is it in the past that fashion is most celebrated? Vintage is now more attractive than ever. You can find all the gems of the designers of the past decades. These creations reflect authenticity, quality, savoir-faire, history and luxury.

The English term vintage, derived from the old French vendange, refers to a wine that is remarkable for its quality, particularly in reference to an age or a vintage. In fashion, it is first used to designate old designer clothes. It was then extended to any second-hand piece dating by convention to the 1980s at the latest or twenty-three years back in time. Thus, for example, the collections of Dior by John Galliano will soon be vintage.

This vintage trend emerged in the 1990s in New York, London and Paris. But vintage inspiration has always existed among designers. Yves Saint Laurent’s spring-summer 1971 Haute Couture collection was inspired by the 1940s, and Martin Margiela has always found used clothes or objects to feed his Haute Couture. Fashion has often reclaimed the past. Today, there are many borrowings from the 1990s. Thus the brands collaborate with the companies that supply this second market in order to increase their notoriety and narrate their history. They cultivate an identity that is less seasonal than long-term.

Fashion looks to its past for inspiration, to reinvent itself, but also to make sure it does not spoil anything. This enthusiasm for vintage clothing reveals new ways of consuming fashion and designing it. This first of all translates this rejection of over-consumption for a more reasonable, more sustainable consumption. It also reflects a nostalgia for a quality that has sometimes been lost: in the past, clothes were sometimes more durable and stronger. Certain materials, such as leather and denim, develop a natural patina over time. Vintage and already worn items then become more exclusive than new products. Moreover, the financial factor is also notorious: we underestimate the role of the second-hand clothes through the centuries; it is a means for the bourgeois and modest social strata to have access to clothes worn by the elite. In this way, all fashion can infiltrate other circles, with a certain time lag.

Finally, it seems that this particular period that we are living through is all the more reason for people to buy vintage pieces that are considered timeless, statement pieces, because they are a guarantee of duration in time. According to Tagwalk 10% of people would like them to sign more timeless pieces, such as the black Saint Laurent smoking, rather than fancies that disappear as quickly as they arrived.

Roserose also succumbs to vintage and enjoys creating unique pieces with vintage fabrics that you can find online on our different models.