ADORABLE: that is the first word that comes to mind when you see one of these bags. We are talking about the obsession of the moment: the mini bag. We walk around with the essential and forget the superfluous. Combined with a maxi bag, it is the ultimate in the superimposition trend. The mini bag has become an essential part of women’s wardrobe today. In the evening or with a jean-basketball look, this bag gives us a crazy fashionable look.

Mini bags are prolific. Designers can’t resist the urge to play with sizes, materials, colours… Simon Porte Jacquemus hardly invented the mini bag. When he first introduced his Chiquito, on the Spring/Summer 2018 runway, it was met with instant adoration. It had all the makings of a viral accessory: it was cute, trendy, and highly Instagrammable. Rihanna was a fan, as was Kim Kardashian. It was Karl Lagerfeld who saw the appeal of the mini bag before anyone else: for the Fendi Spring/Summer 2015 collection, he shrunk the Peekaboo and affixed fluffy outsized charms that appeared to be bigger than the bag itself.

However, women have also been carrying around mini bags long before Fendi’s 2015 collection. From the early to mid-1900s, women carried around small purses or “reticules”. These small purses were often carried by wealthy women, they were small, elegant and held very little. During this time, these small purses were a status symbol, and to a certain degree, this still rings true today. Members of the royal family, such as Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, often don’t carry a purse with them at all.

There is also a feminist point of view: For the most part, men don’t carry bags. And so with a tiny purse, it can be liberating to be unburdened by the weight of catch-all. Add to this a crossbody wear to keep your hands free. Freedom. Carrying a mini bag enables mobility and feels liberating; less to carry, less to worry about. It encourages one to live like a minimalist by creating an edit of their everyday essentials down to only a select few.

Also, as millennials age, the industry has observed an emerging behaviour: a pull toward nostalgic fashion—reminders of childhood relics—as a way to prolong youth. There’s a degree of infantilization associated with a tiny bag. It’s cute and adorable, and by carrying it, the wearer also feels cute and adorable.

So if you haven’t yet succumbed to the crazy charm of these mini bags, take a look at our models: the mini Harlem, the mini Capri, the mini Tribeca ; you won’t resist any more 😉