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Located in the tyrrhenian Sea, Capri has a indescribable charming island, where the sun has such a powerful blaze that it makes roses to bloom in winter. Sun, wind, blue sea and sky are the key elements of Capri’s mysterious attraction, but it goes way further than that. Capri is the place where you can admire flowers bursting out from the cracks in the rocks, where amethyst coloured sunrises mix with the nuances of pale silver skies. The explosion of colours and perfumes of the sea of Ulysses and the Cyclops is such a moment of poetry that you would be unable to deny its charm.

“Before touching the ground of Capri, I was not aware that beauty could hurt so much.”

– Ada Negri –

Numerous fabulous people, millionaires, luxury-fashion designers, intellectuals and even members of the European royalty fell in love with the beauty of Capri. Indeed, Capri stands for elegance and represents a form of freedom.

Our Capri model is an everyday bag that is worn by modern urban woman, who are seeking for some strong, simple and sober items for their wardrobe. The Capri is the handbag which links past and present, the classic style and a touch of rock. This handle bag will give you a chic touch.

If only one model has to be chosen, it would be this one, our most emblematic bag. Our Capri is our promise to provide you a must-have that will last through the seasons.


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