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Finally I reach the top and far above me there are stars.

I look far down and the village twinkles far below.

It would be easy to go back down there

but it is so beautiful up here.

I am just below the stars.

Robert Hensler

The Cerro Torre’s bag name was inspired by the Cerro Torre mountain, situated at the heart of Patagonia, between Argentina and Chile. This mountain was considered for a long time as the toughest mountain to climb. A lightweight, practical and allowing freer movements’ bag is necessary. The Cerro Torre was designed to keep agility and manageability on the moves.

The Cerro Torre with an adjustable and adaptable strap ensures a comfortable wear and a quick access to essentials on the go as it can be preferably flip from right to left or shift easily from the chest to the back or on the shoulder depending on user preference. It offers the ability to tighten or loosen the strap as required.  At the crossroads between a backpack and a waist pack, the Cerro Torre was designed to carry smaller loads and less weight.


The Cerro Torre man is dynamic, trendy and bold.

The Cerro Torre’s bag has sufficient organization to suit a carry setup with the benefit of an easiest access to possessions.


Project Detail