zorka portfolio

As I scale the slope

I note the melody of the wind

With its sweeping symphonic shifts

My nails grind against granite

Before flaking and falling into the abyss


Pauper of Prose – Inner Mt. Everest


Mount Everest is the highest summit on heart and the dangerous and difficult climb to the summit was successfully done by a handful of lucky and trained human being.

Originally, the Everest was a hunter’s satchel bag permitting to separate personal stuffs and the result of the hunt, and now it permits to separate sport gear and work gear or work gear and other gears…

The Everest man is a modern man living in the fast lane and several lives in one but who still want to separate one from another.  The Everest ensures a more filled life thanks to its various compartments. A certain notion of protection is important in its bag due to its double compartment.

Wearing across the body, on the back or on the side, the Everest can easily make the transition from the work day into the evening.


Project Detail