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Mini Tribeca


” Whoever despises little things will never have big ones.”

The Mini Tribeca symbolizes the effervescence of the city that never sleeps. Indeed, this bag has the name of a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, New York City. Today it belongs to the posh place of New York.

The Mini Tribeca has been invented for the woman who want to live their lives with a complete feeling of freedom. It is the smallest bag of the collection, but also the only model with very long fringes ! Because it can only contain your credit card, your lipstick and your keys, our Mini Tribeca is more an highly-fashionable accessory than just a esthetical bag.

With this model, you can go out and to have fun with a real sensation of liberty. It has been designed to highlight an outfit with a small detail that makes the difference. Being the perfect example of the “No bag”, the mini Tribeca will entice the most audacious women.


Project Detail