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« Je m’en vais voir les petites femmes de Pigalle
Toutes les nuits j’effeuille les fleurs du mal. »

If Paris is a moveable feast, Pigalle would be the climax of the evening. Indeed, in the French capital city of divine temptations, Pigalle is the mythic place of night life. Sulfurous, magnificent, dazzling… there isn’t enough words to capture the essence of Pigalle. What is certain is that you can feel there the vestiges of its depraved past.

« And when the dusk comes

Then the big market of love begins

It is the corner in which you can see the people wander

Those who take the night for the day.

Because Pigalle mirrors the soul,

The lightness and the spirit of Paris. “

The Pigalle model is a long, narrow and compact handbag which looks like the shape of a French baguette. It is one of the sexiest handbag of our collection. This shape of bag achieved itbag status after it was featured in the wildly popular American TV comedy Sex and the City, where it was worn by Sarah Jessica Parker plenty of time. The woman who wears the Pigalle definitely stays ahead in the fashion stakes and therefore expresses her empowerment and sexiness.

The Pigalle can be carried on a short strap, that could be adapted for different looks, colors and textures while still having a consistent aesthetic. As the “baguette bag” appeared, it marked a contrast from many popular women’s purses at the time, which were often large totes.


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