Roserose asymmetric jewelry

Roserose asymmetric jewelry

This week, we wanted to talk about our jewelry and its philosophy as our new ring, the Piña Colada, is now available on our website (check our latest ring here).

For Armelle T.C, the founder of roserose., jewels as much as bags are crucial to accessorize her outfit. She is deeply attached to her jewels because some of them were gifted to her, because they symbolize a moment of her life.

She has a quite precise idea of a design for jewels either it is a necklace, a ring or earrings. Indeed all of our jewels are asymmetric, it gives them much more personality because nothing in the world is perfectly symmetric. Besides, The New York Times designated matching “uncool” because the norm has long been matching sets, twin earrings rather than complimentary friends who create a unique universe.

In the early 2000’s we started to see a new jewelry trend on the high fashion runways. Some designers offered their new vision concerning jewels which totally broke the rules from what has been done before. The first brands to offer this kind of jewelry were Chanel, Dior and Givenchy. Shape, length and color are all qualities and factors to take into account in the marking of fine jewelry pieces.

“Tribal” Earrings by Dior


Victoire de Castellane, Creative Director of Dior Jewelry, shared during an interview her simple vision on why she chose to create asymmetrical earrings: “Nothing perfectly matches in nature.” From now on, asymmetry has become one of her signature design elements. Her first asymmetrical creation was the Tribal Earrings which became a must-have piece for every person who loves fashion.


Famous necklace “Comète” by Chanel

The recent ‘1.5’ collection launched in February 2019 from Chanel is almost entirely comprised of asymmetrical designs, whether its necklaces or rings. The House Chanel integrated their iconic Camelia flower motif alongside an abundance of diamonds, gemstones and pearls into these high jewelry creations. This High Jewelry collection proves that asymmetric design among jewelry is not a trend anymore. It is now integrated within the brand’s identity and image. The first asymmetric piece ever made by Gabrielle Chanel was the necklace “Comète” presented in 1932.


The first “Question Mark” necklace by Boucheron. It represents a lotus flower.

However, we must remember that the first brand who offered to its clients some high jewelry pieces that were asymmetric is the Maison Boucheron with its “Question Mark” necklace released in 1871 and later the “Serpent” necklace released in 1968. Those pieces are now iconic and considered as precursory in the jewelry domain.


Each of roserose’s creation is unique thanks to the gemstones used. Our designs are asymmetric because they better show off the complexity of each personality. Find your perfect match among our jewels, find your roserose.