Roserose & Luxury Consumption

Roserose & Luxury Consumption

A few months after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, one point seems clear: the fashion industry will be forever transformed by this global crisis. While we are not yet halfway to the year 2020, the decade already calls for a radical and urgent rethink of the way we produce and consume fashion. The announcements by Saint Laurent and then Gucci that they will no longer follow the strongly established Fashion Week calendar are concrete proof of this. Are fashion ideals really about to change?

A trend that has been going on for a long time: responsible consumption. Responsible consumption is defined as consumption that is more respectful of the environment and biodiversity, but also more moderate because it tends towards use rather than possession. In other words, we tend to buy better and only what we really need. Socially responsible fashion is therefore already a reality. Many people are likely to favour a purchase that may be more expensive but that remains in line with their ethics. So our philosophy – the roserose philosophy – already fits into this way of thinking. We create unique pieces and on order.

We have also been observing a return to authenticity, quality and savoir-faire for several years now. Buying a product for its quality and savoir-faire can be considered as an investment. It is a first step to invest in sustainable and quality products that were once passed on to children. We believe in a return to the transmission of pieces. Especially since clothing, accessories and jewelry transmit their history. It is also a way to participate in the reduction of waste and to reconsider our way of consuming.

On the Maisons’ side, luxury must persist and continue to change its design and manufacturing methods. Knowing where the pieces come from and how they are made nowadays drives customers to make purchases in a more thoughtful way. If brands do not change their production cycle in line with consumer expectations, they will see an increasing disengagement from the consumer in favor of competing brands with a sustainable approach. Fashion needs to understand the consumer and take into account the ethical aspect they are looking for before making a purchase. Societal and environmental issues are inseparable elements in the specifications of tomorrow’s luxury goods.

« We find ourselves in a fashion system that no longer corresponds to our time and our planet. It’s time to slow down and rediscover the magic of fashion » explain the Coperni designers on their brand’s Instagram account.

Saint Laurent and Gucci are just two Maisons in a global ecosystem. Alessandro Michele – Artistic Director of the Italian Maison Gucci – called for an open dialogue with the other Maisons and fashion leaders. A real and profound change in the system requires large-scale coordination, both external and internal. So hopefully, the latest trends will be confirmed, and the changes take hold.