Take care of your bag !

Take care of your bag !

Whether it is made of cattle leather, goat suede, alligator, sea snake, python or lizard skin, your bag is unique, just like you! Magnificent and desirable, exotic skins may look the same but they are never exactly the same, that is what partly explains the emotion you can feel when you touch such bags. Those differences make our products unique pieces.

bags Pigalle roseroseOur products are handcrafted by our specialized craftsmen whose savoir-faire have been certified. Driven by their passion for rare materials, our craftsmen coordinate all their expertise to meet your expectations. In addition, we use quality skins that carefully selected.

Nevertheless, those materials require a special care so that they can resist the time. Please, keep your bag in a ventilated area away from direct light. If you don’t use the bag, put it in its dust bag without crushing it, with silk tissue paper inside, that will prevent it from deforming or taking a ruck.

Every leather such as goat suede, nubuck or velvet crust is fragile. Those materials absorb much more the stains than a cattle leather.It is therefore important to be particularly careful: avoid rubbing with darker clothes and avoid stains. We recommend you to only use products that are specially created for leather, suede and exotic skins. You can use stain removers but only with great caution. Indeed you should always test a hidden part of your bag before doing the entire bag to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

To clean your leather bag (made of alligator, python or sea snake), you can use make-up removal pads with cleansing milk. Then, to make the leather shine and preserve its suppleness, apply a little bit of sweet almond oil and/or Vaseline. But be extremely careful please, do not rub the skin as this could damage it. To clean goat suede leather, specialized products are required. Finally, to remove a stain on suede you have to let it dry first and then you can put some talcum powder on it and gently rub it with a soft brush.

roserose bags capriAlso know that leathers in general don’t really get along with water. So if you bag is wet please dry it immediately. We recommend you not to dry your handbag with a direct heat source but to let it dry naturally and then take care of it with the appropriate cleaning product. Although already treated, we recommend that you regularly waterproof the suede on your bag.

To conclude, you have to know that a well maintained bag has an infinite lifespan, and that is where all the magic of our bags comes.