The Danshari philosophy and Roserose

The Danshari philosophy and Roserose

Only the 20% of all the things we accumulate at home have a real value, a logic function. Isn’t it a problem then to have everything ?” HIDEKO YAMASHITA

Coming from Japan, Danshari invites us to revamp our consumption habits in a controlled way. Explained by Hideko Yamashita, the word Danshari is formed with three kanjis : dan 断, sha 捨, and ri 離. They respectively mean  refuse, throw away, and separate.

First, refuse to clutter your home up with non-lasting goods.

Then, throw away from home these non-lasting goods.

And finally separate, sort things to gradually draw away from non-lasting consumption. This less is more conception leads us to a cure from a toxic and excessive way of life.

We, at Roserose, share this vision and want to spread it through our unique pieces.

What is the link between you and your goods ? What keeps you attached to them ?  Why do you keep some things in the cupboard and others not ?

Unicity and permanency are key.

Celebrate yourself each day of your daily life with the most beautiful and essential parts of your wardrobe. Do not wait for the “special occasions” to show them because they make you unique.

This uniqueness paves the way for your own freedom. Choosing less pieces, but the ones which really match you : this shows what you are truly made of, in a new light.

Find your roserose, find yourself.