The handbag history

The handbag history

Handbags are not only random objects of our daily lives, they are part of our identity and our personality. Our handbags keep our personal belongings, even our secrets. Yet, before being such a symbol, handbags had several aspects.  Let Roserose tells you more about the handbag history.

The first handbags were used for carrying food during Middle Age. Since Antiquity, slaves used also bags for carrying their master’s goods. Thus, bags had a very practical aspect at that time.

In the Middle Age, the handbag is a purse in which everyone put away money, food or tools.

The handbag history

Middle Age purse

Sometimes, women tight it on their belt, which let the concept of fashion begin for handbags. Purses are then decorated with embroidery and gemstones, and demonstrate affiliations to a social class.

During the Renaissance, pockets appear on clothes to the detriment of purses. Consequently, it begins common for women to go for a walk with their belongings.

When the Empress dress is created without pockets during the First Empire, the handbag becomes an essential accessory.

During the 19th century,  luxury luggage develop itself as bourgeoisie travels more and more. At this time, Louis Vuitton becomes the official supplier of Eugenie, wife of King Napoleon III. Thanks to his know-how, Louis Vuitton made a fortune and became successful.

As a consequence of luxury luggage development, handbags widen to hold the numerous belongings of middle-class women.

During Roaring Twenties, the handbag shrinks : it contains only a lipstick and a cigarette packet for Charleston parties.

The following decade, the 1930’s marks the clutch : the handbag is still small and is considered as a jewel.


Clutch designed in the thirties


During World War 2, leather handbags are sent to military services for soldiers uniforms. Therefore, handbags are usually made with fabric at this period.

After, from the second part of the 20th century, the handbag is a major accessory, available in small or big sizes, used for its practical or attractive aspect.

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