The origins of our exotic skins

The origins of our exotic skins

At roserose, we have been choosing the best exotic skins from all Thailand for many years to preserve the best quality of the leather across the ages. You may have many questions about the leather skins we use such as where do those skins come from or if we know the conditions of living of the animals. And with everything that is happening right now in the fashion world with the refusal of several houses of Couture to use exotic leather in their collections, you have the right to know the answer.

exotic skins roseroseSince the day Armelle T.C found her company specialized in leather goods made of exotic skins, she decided she would always be careful with the skins she uses. Thus Armelle searched for different suppliers that correspond to her ethic and to her way of consuming. After several months of research and comparison, she found a little supplier who has an atelier in Bangkok, close to her office.

Since this day, we only have worked with this supplier/atelier because we trust him : his trade is licensed with the authorization delivered by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Whether it is python skin or alligator skin, the process toward the animal is the same, it is taken care since its birth. In other words, all the animals are breed in farms where they are well treated, where the free range farming is required.

We only use two breeds of crocodile to make our products : Crocodylus Siamensis and Crocodulus Porosus. Those 2 breeds are well known for having the highest quality crocodile skin and the most beautiful pattern in the world. The reproduction of the species is one of the major issue for the farms because thanks to this they can have a natural renewal of the species. For example a farm where 120,000 crocodiles live, more than 5,000 of these male and female crocs are producing more than 50,000 eggs annually. These farms contribute to the “protection” and “reproduction” of the species.

roserose exotic skinsConcerning the tanning of the exotic skins, we conserved the traditional “savoir-faire” used in Thailand for generations. Thus the tanning of the skins is vegetable, always regarding the respect for the animals, that is why the result looks more natural and the skin conserves its quality across the ages. In conclusion, thanks to all of this process we have the chance at roserose to have the most beautiful skins of Southeast Asia, coming from a controlled and durable center of production that guarantees an ethic way of breeding and trading.

We are proud at roserose to work with this kind of leather skins knowing that we contribute to perpetuate the Thai traditions concerning the craftsmanship of the exotic leathers. As those leathers are the main material to make our products we will always select the most beautiful skins from the best farms across Thailand that have a durable behavior towards the animals.