The significations of our gemstones

The significations of our gemstones

At roserose, we have been offering jewels for over two years now and we have used several gemstones that all have their own signification. Every gemstone is different, has its own color but we can file them to describe what property they have.


agate gemstone


Every agate reinforce the properties of the other gemstones. It gives strength to your body and bravery to your spirit, but it also has a calming property. The agate procures a certain skill to see the truth and incite us to accept the hazards of life. It is an appeasing stone that relieves the depression and eases the feeling of tiredness. It restores the emotional and spiritual balances and relieves anxieties linked to your sexuality. This gemstone has often been associated to the relations between Men and Nature. It is also a protective gemstone against little pains and diary troubles.



diamond gemstoneSymbol of the eternal love, the diamond is one of the most precious gemstones on Earth. Diamond is also called the “reconciliation stone”. Reconciliation, love, innocence, perspicacity but also loyalty and candor, the diamond significates many things such as commitment and unity in every shape and form. Considered as a powerful healer, the diamond absorbs all the negative energies. Some still believe that it has the power to appease allergies. Put in your room a diamond to attract true friendships, increase your strength and your courage, your intelligence and your creativity.

The diamond is obviously a great symbol of purity because it frees you from the bad energies and amplifies the good ones. It has the reputation to be very powerful meaning that the person who carries it must be pure and irreproachable otherwise the strengths will turn against her.



fluorite gemstone


It is said that the fluorite was put on Earth to help its inhabitants to find again the path to the light. It is the gemstone of the brain, the intelligence and the intellectual work. It stimulates the concentration and communication. It has an incredible healing power that vanishes the negativity and emotional blockages. It cleans, purifies, vanishes and reorganizes everything that is not harmonious in our body, so that we can have clear and precise perceptions. It would promote impartiality and intensify intuition and creativity. It also would have a beneficial effect on groups, bringing them stability and gathering them for a common purpose.




malachite gemstone


It works by absorbing the negative energies that provoke pains. This gemstone is useful against the cramps, it would make the give birth easier, that is why it is also called the midwives stone. It lowers the blood pressure, encourages the expression of the feelings, develops the empathy and reduces the timidity. Finally, it is a gemstone that gives clarity and helps to structure the elocution leading to better abilities of persuasion.





Tiger Eye mineral gemstone


The Tiger-eye is a protective stone, it has benefits on the nervous system and heals the joints. The tiger-eye would protect against the malice of others and against all negative energies. Linked to the Earth and the stability, it would be beneficial for the knees and would treat joint problems such as rheumatism, osteoarthritis, inflammation. It would help to recharge our batteries with positive energy. Thanks to the tiger-eye gemstone, we are better at concentration, acting constructively, making good decisions and establishing good relationships with others. According to some Asian believes, the tiger-eye is a balancing stone that restores harmony between the yin and yang present in each of us. It develops the sense of self-criticism in a constructive way and invites us not to hide our fears.



turquoise gemstone


Apparently, it would protect its owner from negative energies or harmful radiation, such as electromagnetic ones. Its ability to absorb those negative emanations would cause a change in color, or even a loss of shine. It is a source of balance and unification: harmony of mind and body, male and female trends. By removing certain inhibitions, it would allow positive energies to manifest themselves and would avoid psychological blockages. It would facilitate communication and therefore interpersonal relationships; it would be valuable for speakers, reducing the stress of speaking in public and facilitating speech. Finally, it would bring calm and serenity, amplifying the capacities of love. As a protective and purifying stone, it has been used for amulets since the dawn of time to bring spiritual harmony and increase communication with the physical and spiritual worlds to its owner. On a physical side, it strengthens on all levels, is anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and regenerating.



quartz blanc cristal de roche gemstone  quartz fume smoked gemstone quartz rose pink gemstone

WHITE QUARTZ : With its pure and translucid crystal form, the white quartz or rock crystal is famous for being the most powerful energetic amplifier. It is an excellent conductor for energies. Gemstone of purity and light, it links its owner to the different plans while amplifying its powers and energies, its own light. It purifies every energy in one of the most perfect state and arranges harmonies with all the chakras.

SMOKED QUARTZ : The smoked quartz would be considered as the stone of responsibility and refocusing. In this way, it would calm strong emotions that confuse thinking and would improve lucidity and concentration. Smoked quartz would strengthen self-confidence but also the ability to open up to others and make the right decisions. It would promote awareness and refocus energies on more reasonable and accessible objectives, avoiding failures and disillusionment. The smoked quartz would help us to connect more to our bodies and hear their messages to keep us healthy.

From a physical point of view, it would help to fight any form of addiction and strengthen the muscles. Thus, it would have beneficial effects on fertility.

PINK QUARTZ : The softness of the pink quartz gemstone evokes peace, calm and tenderness…. It is a stone of love for oneself and others, of peace and forgiveness.  This is probably why this stone is reputed to be consoling, it is supposed to heal both physical and emotional wounds. Its contact reassures, strengthens the ability to accept ourselves as we are: it promotes the acceptance of change, freeing the individual from the stress generated by this situation. It has a moderating effect on the blood pressure and facilitates the elimination of toxins.

This gemstone soothes and reassures as it opens the mind to spirituality and helps to repair the traumas suffered in the past. It would also increase sensitivity and empathy to better open up to others. Finally, it would provide protection against the overexposure to the diverse and varied waves that pass through our homes.

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