The special relationship between women and bags

The special relationship between women and bags

Handbags have a special role in the life of a woman. Indeed, they are much more than daily basic objects of life. For sure, handbags are items of fashion, markers of public identity and social status. But they are also extremely private. Each handbag is linked to the individual, it can contain an assortment of objects designed to provide any support a woman can need : make up, identity cards, money, jewels, personal photographs, memory objects. Bags are private spaces that others may not enter without permission. Furthermore, bags allow women to express their personality through unique pieces that are more significant than the clothes because it is an accessory so it gives to the outfit a particular touch of the personality.

No matter what age a woman is, her bag is the best partner in every occasion. However, this relationship that women have with their handbags differs over the years. A teenager has a different relation with her bag from an executive with her bag. The things that differ over the ages is the form and the number of bags a woman owns.

In general, a 20-year-old woman just has a few bags, and she is really attached to some of them because it was gifted of to her for a special event or because she bought it with her salary. She generally likes famous fashion designer bags because it is a sign of social background and it is also a sign of affiliation to be part of certain groups. Also, the bags she wants is in general influenced by the trends of the seasons and she is not faithful to a single brand.

Then when she is older, around 30 and 40 years old, a woman has different belongings to put in her bag she also has a different lifestyle : she works, she travels and she may have children. So her range of bags has to be wider and composed of divers bags : a tote bag, a crossbody bag, a clutch etc. When she buys a bag she is going to seek first the practicality of the bag then she will focus on the esthetic of it. Concerning the brand of the bag, she is not totally dedicated to a brand but among several brands she has some favorite models and she is looking for new designs among those brands.

And finally when a women is 50 years old, her relationship with the bags is totally different. She is much less influenced by the fashion trends, she only buys bags from brands that she has known for ever and she is faithful to them because they are reputed for their know how and the high quality of their products. Also, the name of the brands doesn’t matter as much as before, indeed she doesn’t have to prove anything with her bags except that they have to show her uniqueness.

For sure, the more you get old the more you want to express your identity and be different from the others. That is what roserose. is offering to our clients : the possibility to affirm your unique personality through a bag, that is as unique as you are. So, there is only one thing you should do : find your bag, the one that suits you the most, because finding a roserose is finding yourself.

P.S : A recent study has shown that handbags can help women with dementia to ‘tell their lives’, as well as retaining connections to their memories and histories thanks to material object such as the ones you can find in bags. Objects can assist people with dementia to tell their story and express who they are, in the face of impaired verbal communication.