Trend : the tawny sun of an Indian summer

Trend : the tawny sun of an Indian summer

« Summer never ends ! » has never been more accurate than today with the Indian summer that warms our hearts during the first weeks of September. After the end of those endless summer nights nothing is better than wearing warm colors to face this wild urbane jungle.
We all want to keep a little memory of our summer in September. Just a little piece that is going to bring us back to those two joyful months where happiness was the only watchword. Our memory at roserose. is the fawn color, color of the marvelous sunsets we can admire in Bangkok. Fawn is the color of all the summer memories we don’t want to let go.


Louvre Roserose

Our new-born product, “The Louvre”

Fawn is a strong color that has this particularity of being dual: it can be considered as a bright color or a peaceful one depending on your mood and on your outfit. Fawn is the symbol of a continuing summer that is slowly going to meet the autumn and its reddish colors.

Fawn matches perfectly with dark colors such as black, navy blue or grey. It adds radiance to your outfit, while remaining sober and very elegant. Fawn combined with noble materials such as cashmere, silk and leather gives the effect that each piece is in its place, that everything is deliberately matched to make you feel good. The beast seems to instill self-confidence, it gives energy thanks to this shimmering color. It inspires joy, it is the sun that warms your look and helps to overcome the foggy atmosphere of the automn.

Cerro Torre Fawn Roserose
We are introducing today our fawn collection composed of four essential pieces : our famous Harlem, the multi-functional bag you can carry in every situation; the Beaubourg, a convenient laptop case perfect for your meetings; the Cerro Torre, a unique backpack with only one adjustable shoulder strap that will follow everywhere; and finally our new-born product the Louvre, a little coin purse that you can tie to your belt to have your hands free.

Our collection comes in a variety of materials, from python to alligator to ostrich where we explore the many possibilities of fawn and its precious tones. Our palette of fawn is as wide as our materials’ from darker shades to lighter and ever reddish shades in order to please most of our customers.
The only thing left is to find the right product with which you match the most.

Find your roserose., find yourself.