Valentine’s Day : The stories of some iconic jewels of love

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friends” sang Marilyn Monroe in the movie “Gentlemen prefer blondes” released in 1953. And she was quite right about it, because jewels have always been the most beautiful proof of love. Let’s discover together the stories of some iconic jewels of love….



The story starts in Rome in 1961, during the filming of the movie Cleopatra when Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton met for the first time. Even if Elizabeth is married to Eddie Fisher and Richard Burton is in a relationship, they madly fall in love and began a passionate relationship. It was also during this period that their relationship with Bulgari began. Richard Burton regularly took Elizabeth to the Italian jeweler and Liz Taylor counts in her book: “Richard was so romantic that he always found an excuse to offer me a jewel. A day, he gave me the choice between two emerald necklaces. Finally I told him: “Richard, I think I prefer the smaller one! ». An emerald brooch, also from Bulgari, will be added to the necklace later. The actor will say of their relationship: “I introduced Liz to beer, she introduced me to Bulgari”.






The origin of the Trinity Ring by Cartier goes back to 1924, when the poet Jean Cocteau, after having imagined the “saturnian” shapes of the ring, asked his friend Louis Cartier to make it. The Trinity Ring by Cartier, is composed of three rings made of yellow, red and white gold, a unique blend of jeweler, and has different meanings. In addition to the reference to the Christian Trinity, the three golds of the Trinity Cartier are associated with feelings of friendship, love and fidelity.





The Princess of Wales has always had a preference for pearls. Necklaces of pearls emerging from royal caskets like the one below with a cabochon sapphire that was offered to her by the queen mother and that was one of her favorite jewels. She wore it at different receptions and for different occasions such as the MET Bal or when she wore the Revenge Dress.








Since its creation in New York in 1969 Cartier’s iconic Love Bracelet has been a must have for the jewelry house. In 2017, Cartier reinvented the bracelet in a minimal version with a finer design to better follow the curves of the wrist. The 70s were marked by free love and Aldo Cipullo slipped into the movement by revisiting the immutable Chastity Belt in his own way into a highly sensual jewel, to be worn as close to the body as possible. More than a piece of jewelry or a lucky charm, it was adopted from the very beginning by Liz Taylor or Sophia Loren and became the symbolic gift par excellence. Re-thought over the decades as a ring, pendants or cuffs, the Love Collection returns to basics in 2017 with a refined line.